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We are a 4PL LSP that provides a large spectrum of logistics competencies in Chad and Cameroon.

Depending on the origin and type of service our rates do not include external stakeholder fees, customs duties, taxes, and any other established charges from government agencies


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    We offer a variety of Supply Chain Management services.
    • Transportation of goods
    • Packing/Moving
    • Freight forwarding (Import/Export)
    • Customs clearing (Import/Export)
    • Camp Management
    • Special convoys and trucking
    • Rigging
    • Light vehicles rental (city and desert vehicles)
    • Vehicles service, maintenance and repair
    • Defensive driving
    • Supply of Personal Protective Equipment
    • Warehousing and inventory management
    • Logistics services engineering and auditing

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      This Logistics team is far amazing. They are Professionals, on-time, and very communicative. They’ve worked seamlessly to resolve my requests.

      Sarah McBride Account Specialist

      It’s my pleasure to inform you that I had the best service I could have asked for from your team ...

      Nathan F. VP, Green Valley Intenationl

      FootHills Logistics, you are amazing! You are a trusted partner, and you have some rockstars on your team.

      John Davis Head of Supply Chain, Pharma Company